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12 May 21 - 5 Top Reasons To Hire A Jumping Castle

Renting a jumping castle for your child’s birthday party has many benefits. And since kids’ parties can be expensive, it is good to ensure that you organize a party that your child will love. The good thing is that renting a jumping castle is one of the best ways to achieve this.

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That said, here are the major benefits of hiring a jumping castle for your kid’s next party:

  1. Children Love Jumping Castles

Children love jumping castles because they are exciting. Kids can crawl, jump and bounce around these castles. With the amount of energy they have, it can feel like your children are bouncing off the walls at home anyway.

According to Australian osteopath Nikole Grbin, getting your kids active from an early age is important to inspire them to keep doing physical activities. “Kids have so much energy at a young age that it’s astounding. But that can drop off quite quickly as they get a little bit older. Jumping castles are an easy way to have fun and be active at the same time, so it’s perfect!”

Renting a jumping castle enables children to do this for real. Jumping, crawling and bouncing on a jumping castle is a good way to help kids expend some of their energy and excitement.

2. There Is A Jumping Castle for Every Event

Different children have different personalities, interests and tastes. One loves cars, one loves sports, another one may enjoy playing with the latest Disney film or playing with dolls. Since jumping castles come in all sizes, shapes and designs, you will find a jumping castle that will suit your child’s taste and preference.

Animal business expert Matthias Lochtofen says that no matter the occasion, a jumping castle provides great entertainment. “With all of the designs and movies coming out these days, these companies need to keep up with what kids like so that their party can be perfect. More designs are coming out on these jumping castles, so it’s perfect for any occasion.”

Hiring a jumping castle is a good way to make an event feel more personal. Besides, your kids will love a jumping castle that seems like it was specially made for them.

3. Jumping Castles Help Kids To Exercise

If you have ever bounced around on a jumping castle even for a few minutes, I am sure that you know how tiring it can be. To stay fit and healthy, all of us (including kids) need to exercise on a regular basis. Children enjoy playing in jumping castles. Hiring a jumping castle will therefore help kids get more than their fair share of physical activity.

4. Jumping Castles Are Safe

Assuming the weather is suitable, jumping castles are among the safest sources of party entertainment. This is the only reason why parents can relax while their children are playing in a jumping castle.

Daniel Halse, who runs a business providing shading solutions, notes the need to be sun safe with jumping castles. “For open top jumping castles, there’s definitely the opportunity for someone to get sunburnt. But more and more companies are recognising this, and so they have special roofs to protect kids. It’s a great way of letting kids have fun but also protect them from the sun.”

The nature of having inflatable floors and walls mean kids can jump, fall and crawl with little chance of getting hurt. Besides, most of the castles have surrounding walls to prevent smaller kids from bouncing off them. Therefore, your kids can enjoy themselves without fear of getting hurt as jumping castles are safe.

5. Jumping Castles Are Not Expensive

Hiring a venue, paying for party food and supplying entertainment can make a child’s birthday expensive. The good thing is that a jumping castle is inexpensive and by renting a jumping castle, you have killed two parts with one stone- sorting the venue (often a garden) or local park) and entertainment in one fell swoop. This combination reduces the cost of your kid’s birthday party. However, the rental prices are usually more than affordable too. That is good news for big families.

Jumping castles produce plenty of fun for people of all ages. What’s even better is that jumping castles now come in all different designs and styles, so you’re bound to find the perfect one for your child’s birthday - or even yours, we don’t judge! That’s where Super Castles Gold Coast comes into play.

With a wide range of jumping castles and designs available to suit everyone, Super Castles Gold Coast can provide you with hours of entertainment. Get in touch to book your jumping castle today!

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